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USA Flag Technician Apprenticeship – Launch Your Technician Career.

You have completed core automotive training – Now you are ready to advance to the next level and commence the journey to becoming a Jaguar Land Rover Certified Technician. How do you accomplish this? Where can you obtain the formal training that leads to an industry recognized credential? If you performed well in core automotive training at a vocational technical school, and you are prepared to commit yourself to a year of academic and on the job learning – then Technician Apprenticeship is your pathway to becoming a Jaguar Land Rover Certified Technician.

The Jaguar Land Rover Technician Program is a multi-phase training program that combines academic instruction at a Jaguar Land Rover ACADEMY, with full time employment and on the job learning at an authorized Jaguar Land Rover Retailer. Technician Apprentices attend two separate periods of resident Jaguar Land Rover technical training at the ACADEMY, which combines classroom and workshop academic instruction, along with selected online training courses. Upon completion of the first phase of resident instruction, hired Technician Apprentices begin full time employment on the job learning with a Jaguar Land Rover Retailer, along with additional resident instruction throughout the remainder of their apprentice year. Upon completion of their apprenticeship, graduates are on their way to a challenging and rewarding Jaguar Land Rover career.